The Unparalleled Black and White ( chinese anime | donghua ) Season 02 episode 06 (ep18) english sub

Watch online full 1080 HD : 黑白无双 第二季 第6话 – Heibai Wushang Season 2- The Unparalleled Black and White Season 2 – The Unparalleled Black & White Season 2 – Black and White Warriors – ( chinese anime | donghua ) Season 2 episode 06 ( episode 18 ) english sub

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Synopsis : Introduction: There is another world staggered outside the edge of our world. A group of professional teams composed of a pair of black and white unparalleled shuttles between the world and the underworld every day. They come and go without a trace, with shrewd methods and high powers, to collect human souls and maintain the balance of yin and yang in the world as their responsibility, they are black and white. Jingheng (Xiao Hei) and Yan Jing (Xiao Bai) are famous late kings in the underworld, and they have never completed the task of collecting human souls after taking office. In one mission, the two strayed into Changbai Mountain. Weiheng mistakenly lifted the seal of Hundred Ghosts and released 99 evil ghosts. He accidentally learned that he was the 100th ghost among the hundred ghosts. And his sister Yan Yan actually had the terrifying power to destroy the Three Realms, and the Three Realms wanted to kill her to prevent the destruction of the Three Realms. As Xiaobai’s elder brother, in order to protect Xiaobai and the peace of the Three Realms, Xiao Hei grew from a naughty child to a powerful warrior. Among the three realms, Zhong Kui, Lu Shu, Master Yan, Sha Xiaomi, Dongting, Husband, Yao Renju, Bailong, Chi You, Sansang Wuzhi, Samuel, etc. have been involved in fierce battles. The little black and little white in the center of the whirlpool Embarked on an uncertain journey.

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Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Black and White Warriors – 黑白无双 : 百鬼篇 – Heibai Wushang -The Unparalleled Black and White – The Unparalleled Black & White,Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Chinese Anime,chinese animation,episode,english sub,eng sub,englishsub ,engsub,ep,full,hd,donghua,season 2,2nd season,Black and White Warriors.