The Sword Fairy Is Here Episode 02 english sub

Watch online full : Jian Xian Zai Ci – The Sword Fairy Is Here – 剑仙在此 ( chinese anime | donghua ) 1st Season episode 02 english sub

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Synopsis : Otaku Lin Beichen got a cell phone by chance, and the cellphone took him to a world called Dongdao Zhenzhou, where he became one of the ten famous generals of the Beihai Empire [Zhantian Hou] Lin Jinnan’s heir. He is also the famous son, born with a brain disorder. At the time when Lin Jinnan, the Marquis of Zhantian, was defeated, his family was fall, and Lin Beichen, who had lost his support, was blocked at school by various ‘enemies’ and could not get out. . This is a plug-in artifact that can help in practice. Relying on this artifact, Lin Beichen began his comical counterattack.

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Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Jian Xian Zai Ci – The Sword Fairy Is Here – 剑仙在此 , Martial Arts , Chinese Anime , 1st season , season 01 , chinese animation , donghua , stream , watch online.

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