The Sword Of Dawn – Blade of Dawn episode 15 english sub

Watch online full : Changye Kaituozhe – The Sword Of Dawn – Blade of Dawn – 黎明之剑 ( chinese anime | donghua 2022 ) 1st Season episode 15 english sub

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Synopsis : The main character dies in a plane crash, he is transported to a strange special installation orbiting the Strange Alien World with a physical body, for more than a hundred thousand years he observes the emergence and evolution of life. The formation and fall of civilizations until he wakes up in a coffin, the story follows Gawain, Grand Duke and founder of the Ansu Kingdom.

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Number Episodes : 16 episodes.

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Changye Kaituozhe , The Sword Of Dawn , Blade of Dawn , 黎明之剑 , Adventure , Fantasy , Sci-fi , chinese animation , donghua , season 01 , 1st season , stream , watch online .

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