What’s Wrong with My Big Brother episode 01 english sub

Watch online full : What’s Wrong with My Big Brother – 我家大师兄有点靠谱 ( chinese anime | donghua ) episode 01 english sub

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Synopsis : After realizing he was the “main character”, clan senior Dongfang Xianyun fell into the void due to Dongfang Wuqiong’s misunderstanding. With the help of fellow transmigrator Celestial Agent Bu Suantian, Dongfang Xianyun was forced into rebirth and once again dragged into the war between the Orthodox and Demon sects. As the war escalated, how would Dongfang Xianyun subdue the raging conflicts? Would my senior finally become reliable?

Background : Adapted from the popular original comics by Ling Yumo “My Senior Bro”

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): What’s Wrong with My Big Brother – 我家大师兄有点靠谱 , Comedy, Fantasy, ,Chinese Anime , chinese animation, donghua , stream .

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