Chi Yan Jinyiwei – The Flame Imperial Guards ep 21 CC multisub

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Synopsis : The story of Qin Hu, a Scarlet Flame Imperial Guard, and his comrades, who fight against the rebel forces to protect the country. He has a sense of responsibility to protect the peace and security of the country, but also the chivalrous spirit of a child of the jungle. The story of Qin Hu, who has always been a refined and unrestrained man, is gradually drawn into a grand conspiracy affecting the world by investigating a strange murder case in a village, and at the same time unraveling the mystery of his own birth which has been buried for more than 20 years. . Amidst one dangerous case after another, the threats of his enemies, the betrayal of his comrades, and the suspicions of his comrades do not shatter Qin Hu’s desire for justice. In the end, his charismatic character infects his comrades, and they work together to defeat the conspiracy of the mastermind behind this case to bring justice to the innocent lives that were lost, to bring peace to the world, to keep the kingdom intact, and to live up to the name of the Guardian of the Red Flame who people trust.

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Number Episodes : 24 episodes .

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Chi Yan Jinyiwei – The Flame Imperial Guards – 赤焰锦衣卫 , Adventure , Fantasy , ,Chinese Anime , chinese animation , 1st season , stream , watch online , donghua.

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