Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue – Immortality episode 17 english sub

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Synopsis : “Immortality 2” tells the story of Fang Han who gradually grows into a clam and decisive man from an ignorant teenager after experiencing the cruel war between immortals and demons, wheeling-and-dealing between fellow apprentices and the death of his love Hong Yi. In the second season, Fang Han has become more mature and scheming. He takes revenge on his foes one by one. With the help of Fang Qingxue and “Yan” who was Huang Quantu’s weapon spirit, Fang Han becomes increasingly powerful. Finally, he challenges Hua Tian, the most powerful member of Yuhua Sect, to honor the “ten-year agreement”.

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Number Episodes : 12 episodes.

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue – Immortality – Eternal Life – 永生 , Action , Fantasy , Chinese Anime , chinese animation , donghua , season 2 , 2nd season , stream , watch online .

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