Huo Feng Liao Yuan – The Ravages of Time episode 15 english sub

Watch online full : Huo Feng Liao Yuan – The Ravages of Time – 火鳳燎原 ( chinese anime | donghua ) 1st season – episode 15 english sub

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Synopsis : Nearly 2000 years ago, the prosperous Han Dynasty of China collapsed. Heroes rose and fell, and three nations emerged—Wei, Shu, and Wu. Historians refer to this period as the Three Kingdoms period. The romance of the three kingdoms is an intriguing tale of heroic deeds, of alliance forged and broken, of loyalty and betrayal..

Background : Adapted From The Comic “The Ravages Of Time”.

Number Episodes : …. episodes .

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Huo Feng Liao Yuan , The Ravages of Time , 火鳳燎原 , Action, Adventure , Historical, Martial Arts ,Chinese Anime , chinese animation , donghua , season 01 , 1st season , stream ,watch online .

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