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Synopsis : Some people say that the world is a great ocean of suffering. When a person is at sea his body is a boat, and his soul is the person in the boat sailing to the other shore. The Qian Dynasty was very prosperous, prosperous and respected by the world. However, beneath the strong surface, the undercurrents were churning. Enemies from far and near are watching them, and the eight devils are about to move around the world. In a world full of controversy, Hong Yi, a young scholar, poses his first question to the world. Hong Yi was the son of Hong Xuanji, the most powerful official in the dynasty, and Meng Bingyun, the supreme Saint Lady of the Taishang Dao. He lost his mother when he was young. and as a lowly daughter-in-law, she was always being bullied. But this could not stop Hong Yi from studying. Coincidentally, Hong Yi embarked on the extremely difficult and dangerous path of dual cultivation of martial arts. , Under the pressure of fate, he bravely fought against it and defeated many powerful enemies, and eventually became a legend of generations.
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Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Zhen Yang Wushen , Soul of Light , 真阳武神, Action , Adventure , Fantasy ,Historical, Martial Arts , Chinese Anime , chinese animation , donghua , season 01 , 1st season , CC multisub .

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