Tunshi Xingkong – Swallowed Star episode 86 english sub

Watch online full : Tunshi Xingkong – Swallowed Star – 吞噬星空 ( chinese anime | donghua ) 3rd season episode 08 ( Episode 86 ) english sub

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Synopsis : In a world devastated by a mysterious virus called RR, humans are forced to build cities and fortify themselves behind walls to protect against mutated animals turned monsters. This period of trials and challenges is known as the “Nirvana Period”. Amidst this chaos, 18-year-old Luo Feng dreams of becoming a Warrior, a powerful fighter who can defend humanity. Despite facing a difficult life, Luo Feng works hard to unlock his potential and becomes recognized for his skills. He not only supports his family but also joins other warriors to fight against evil monsters and safeguard the future of mankind. Can Luo Feng and his fellow warriors triumph over the monsters and protect humanity in this desperate doomsday situation?

Background : Based on the novel “Swallowed Star” .

Number Episodes : ….

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Tunshi Xingkong , Swallowed Star , 吞噬星空 , Actions , Sci-Fi , Chinese Anime , chinese animation ,donghua, season 3 , 3rd season , stream , watch online.

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