Dubu Wangu – Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng Episode 18 english sub

Watch online full 1080 HD : Dubu Wangu – Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng – 独步万古 ( chinese anime | donghua ) 1st Season – Episode 18 english sub ( CC multisub ).

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Synopsis: Ye Feng, a genius in alchemy, was plotted against when he broke through the shackles of heaven and earth, and traveled 500 years into the future. In order to seek revenge, Yefeng embarked on the path of cultivation once again, practicing diligently while exploring the mysteries of the way of heaven. With his incredible hard work and talent, he became renowned in Jiuzhou and traversed the skies, weaving a passionate legend as the evil emperor.

Background : Adapted from Zi Moqian’s novel “The Ancient Evil Emperor”.
Number of Episodes: … episodes.

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Dubu Wangu , Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng , 独步万古 , Action , Adventure , Fantasy ,Historical, Martial Arts , Chinese Anime , chinese animation , donghua , season 01 , 1st season , CC multisub .

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