Shushan Qi Xian Lu – Legend of Sho Episode 05 english sub

Watch online full : Shushan Qi Xian Lu – Legend of Sho – 蜀山奇仙录 ( chinese anime | donghua 2021 ) 1st Season episode 05 english sub

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Synopsis : Zhang Gong is a little herbalist on Mount Shu. One day, he went to the mountain for picking herbs and met an immortal who was beheading a monster. He was accidentally drawn into a big fight between monsters and demons. After a soul-stirring adventure, he found his real origin, and then involved in the turbulence and fights among the three worlds…

Background : Adaption of Wawa Yu Manhua’s (娃娃鱼漫画) manhua of the same title.

Number Episodes : 20 episodes .

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Shushan Qi Xian Lu – Legend of Sho – 蜀山奇仙录 , Action, Adventure , Martial Arts, Fantasy , Chinese Anime , chinese animation ,donghua,, stream,watch online

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