Ni Zhenshi Ge Tiancai – You’re A Genius episode 23 english sub

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Synopsis : After leaving the Academy, four youths go on a journey full of dangers through the martial world to uncover the truths and secrets of their identities and ultimately, to become “junzi”, noble men of honor. They follow the path of honor strictly, living honorably and enacting justice with their own strength.

Background : Adaptation of Guowang Bixia’s (国王陛下) web novel of the same title.

Number Episodes : 28 episodes.

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): You’re A Genius , Ni Zhenshi Ge Tiancai , 你真是个天才 , Comedy , Fantasy , Chinese Anime , chinese animation , donghua , season 1 , 1st season , stream , watch online .

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