Sancun Renjian – A World Worth Protecting episode 10 english sub

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Synopsis : In the future otherworld full of spirits, Wang Baole, the passionate and outgoing chubby boy, saw through the fantasy made by the instructors in the entrance exam of the prestigious school “Illusory Monastery”. He received high scores for his brilliant performance and was specially admitted to the “Department of Weapon Crafting”. From then on, he overcame hardships and started to make progress. During this journey, he made a big group of close friends and a series of funny adventure stories started.

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Number Episodes : 16 episodes.

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Sancun Renjian – A World Worth Protecting – 三寸人间 , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Chinese Anime , chinese animation , donghua , season 1 , 1st season , stream , watch online .

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