Fangyu Quan Kai – Defense Fully Open Episode 09 english sub

Watch online full : Fangyu Quan Kai – Defense Fully Open – 防御全开 ( chinese anime | donghua ) 1st Season episode 09 english sub

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Synopsis : Li Xiaobai, who entered the stand-alone immersive game Faerie Continent, joined the Xianyu Sect of the Northern Territory and became the seventh disciple of Feng Lingzi on the Misty Peak. But because the system was artificially modified by an unknown person, he was stuck in the game.

Only by completing the last mission: saving the world will you be able to escape. With the help of a system that can increase attribute points by being beaten, and is so dedicated that he can only show defense, Li Xiaobai begins the main storyline: The Zongmen Grand Competition. In the competition, Li Xiaobai broke into the top ten with frequent strange moves…..

Background : ….

Number Episodes : 60 episodes .

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Fangyu Quan Kai – Defense Fully Open – 防御全开 , Adventure , Action, Fantasy , Chinese Anime , 1st season , season 01 , chinese animation , donghua , stream , watch online.

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1 comment on “Fangyu Quan Kai – Defense Fully Open Episode 09 english sub

  1. I really enjoy these anime and appreciate the time, effort and skill required to edit and caption them. I do with you could leave a few seconds more of the video at the end. The way they end now is rather abrupt and It feels like something is missing in the end. This is not a negative comment, just a suggestion to enhance the enjoyment of the episodes. Thank you for all of your time and effort in producing these.


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