Jinyi Shen Jiang – Carpenter Assassin Episode 12 english sub

Watch online full : Jinyi Shen Jiang – Carpenter Assassin – 锦衣神匠 ( chinese anime | donghua ) 1st Season episode 12 english sub

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Synopsis: In the first year of the Tianqi era, machines developed rapidly, and old and new factions competed for power. Shen Wen, a scholar from the Qi Nan Region who was skilled in craftsmanship, accidentally became involved in stealing a secret treasure from the imperial palace. As fate would have it, he crossed paths with Mu Siqing, the Chief of the Royal Guards. Shen Wen soon discovers that the secret treasure the Imperial Guard is searching for is none other than the Six Directions Beast Map, which was responsible for the destruction of his own family. This map holds hidden secrets about the imperial dynasty. Determined to find the enemy who brought ruin to his family and uncover the secrets of the Six Directions Beast Map, Shen Wen joins the Northern Guardian Bureau undercover, embarking on a quest to unravel the truth of his past.

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Number Episodes : 13 episodes .

Alternative Titles and Genres ( tag ): Jinyi Shen Jiang , Carpenter Assassin , Action, Adventure, Fantasy , Martial Arts , Chinese Anime , chinese animation , 1st season , donghua , stream , watch online.

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