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Synopsis : In his previous life, even though Qin Yichen possessed the most numerous pill refining techniques in the mainland and was famous throughout the world, but due to his mediocre martial arts achievements, he could only watch helplessly as his enemy Ouyang Haotian stole his lover Feng Qianxue’s Martial Soul, and in front of him killed Feng Qianxue and his brother Tantai Shuo. In grief, Qin Yichen was reborn with the help of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Pearl and then returned to his youth! In this life, Qin Yichen wants to take everything back! Back in Yuxi City when he was a child, Qin Yichen used pill refining to help Lin Aotian’s family who had saved his life, revive and protect them from the calamity of his previous life. After that, he went to Xuanyun City, where he became acquainted with the Li family and Ye family among the three major families in Xuanyun City with precious pill refining recipes. But Lin Aoqing, the acting head of the Lin family among the three major families, was a cunning villain. In order to fight for the right to inherit the family, he once framed his brother Lin Aotian, expelled him from Xuanyun City, and poisoned his adoptive father Lin Huarong to keep him in bed sick all year round. . He usurped the power of the Patriarch, intending to unify Xuanyun City. In order to get justice for Lin Aotian’s family, Qin Yichen played around with Lin Aoqing while cultivating pill refinement and martial arts. He used pill refinement to repair his damaged meridians, successively condensing divine pearls and martial arts, and awakening Martial Soul. Rare dragon! The roar of the dragon shook the entire continent! After awakening his Martial Soul, Qin Yichen understood the lessons from his previous life, practiced diligently, and made rapid progress. Then Qin Yichen not only rescued Lin Huarong, the old man of the Lin family who had been in a coma for many years, but also set up a bureau to unite the Ye family and the Li family to wipe out Lin Aoqing’s army in Lin Huarong’s Mansion. But in the game with Lin Aoqing, Qin Yichen also offended Lin Aoqing’s ally, the Du family of Wang City. In order to strengthen his strength against the Du family and protect Xuanyun City, Qin Yichen went to the Hiatm Demonic Mountains to practice, and accidentally opened the ancient ruins, and shared the hardships with the daughter of Lu Linghan, to obtain the power of inheritance in the Ancient ruins. But the challenge has just begun, Lu Linghan returns to the capital to change his tragic fate, and Qin Yichen returns to Xuanyun City, only to find that Xuanyun City has been captured by the troops of the Du family.

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